Licensing & Permissions

ESRI Products

The ESRI Educational Institution Agreement is renewed each year in September. Annual license files must be updated by October 31. The CSU system-wide site license for software products from ESRI is a major benefit included in the subscription. 

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The ERDAS licenses are renewed each year in July. Annual license files must be updated by July 31.

Student licenses are available to campuses with subscriptions to the ERDAS site license. Interested student should reach out to the ERDAS Site License Contact on their respective campus to request an ERDAS IMAGINE student license.

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The ENVI licenses are renewed each year in July. Participating campuses also have access to the Feature Extraction Module as part of their ENVI subscription.

ENVI license files do not need to be updated annually unless re-hosting on a new machine or license server. Deactivation of old licenses can be done via the Harris Geospatial License Administrator. 

Student licensing for ENVI + IDL is not available. However, individual licenses are available for purchase through the GIS Specialty Center. Contact for pricing, availability, and licensing terms. 

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ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE

A limited number of licenses (n=90) for the atmospheric correction software, ATCOR Workflow for IMAGINE, are available to campuses with an ERDAS IMAGINE subscription. Please be judicious with license requests.

Trimble GNSS Products

The licensing contract with Trimble Inc. is renewed in early February. Participating campuses do not need to update license files annually unless re-hosting on a new machine, license server, or lab instance. 

  • Please contact in order to deactivate old Trimble licenses  
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