The CSU Geospatial Review


We are often trying to solve the same problems, which might be using drone technology to identify sensitive habitats, setting up internet map access on campus, or integrating GNSS technology into a research program. The goal of the CSU Geospatial Review is to provide a means to share ideas or discover future research collaborators on other campuses. With the wealth of disciplines contributing to the discussion, there is tremendous potential for cross-fertilization and a spatially aware future for the CSU system.

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Appropriate Projects

Submissions to the Geospatial Review should pertain to research or educational projects that use geospatial methods.  Articles should be on the shorter side (approx. 750 words plus maps and/or photos) and of interest to others in the CSU system who may be considering similar research. Articles with results are favored over proposed work.

Articles commonly focus on:

  • Research projects
  • Case studies
  • Innovations in GIScience Education
  • Innovations in GIScience Methods

Please note that articles are not limited solely to ESRI applications, they can include Remote Sensing platforms, other GIS programs, Google Maps, and so on.


The CSU Geospatial Review (ISSN 2373-5783, e-ISSN 2373-5791) is published on an annual basis and is distributed across the CSU system in July.

  • A call-for-papers is sent out in late August and the deadline for first submissions is mid-December.
  • All submissions are reviewed by Geospatial Review's Editorial Board in January/February with any requests for additional editing sent to authors prior to Spring Break.
  • Final drafts, along with any necessary final decisions from the Editorial Board, are submitted in April, with layout and design occurring in May and early June.

If you are interested in submitting your work, please email your manuscript and high-resolution images to during the call-for-papers window (August - December).