The California State University Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialty Center


The CSU GIS Specialty Center was established in 1992 to promote geographic information systems (GIS) and geographic techniques for spatial analysis within the California State University System. An important part of learning GIS technology is to see how others are using it. This CSU GIS website has been created to help facilitate inter-campus communication. Member CSU campuses participate in a software site license with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) for GIS software, Erdas and ENVI for remote sensing and image processing software, and Trimble for GPS software. Benefits include access to training and complimentary registrations for the ESRI User and Education User Conferences. Perhaps most importantly, the GIS Specialty Center promotes intercampus dialogue on teaching, research and application issues within the field of Geographic Information Science. You can find out more about the GIS Specialty Center's GIS and Remote Sensing programs here.


The director for the CSU GIS Specialty Center is Dr. Jerry Davis. Dr. Davis is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Environment at San Francisco State University. Visit the Department of Geography and Environment here.  He specializes in geomorphology, soils, field methods, and geographic information systems. View courses taught by Jerry Davis here. Dr. Davis was part of the team of CSU GIS faculty who negotiated and implemented the system-wide site license for GIS software with ESRI. In addition, Dr. Davis also negotiated a multi-campus license with Leica Geosystems for ERDAS IMAGINE software for remote sensing and image processing. His current research interests focus on karst and watershed geomorphic processes and the use of computers and GIS for field data collection and processing.

Contact Information: 
Phone: (415) 338-2983
Fax: (415) 338-2891 

Site License Administrator

The site license administrator position is a part-time position. The site license administrator is Quentin Clark.

Contact Information: 
Phone: (415) 338-6140 
Fax: (415) 338-6243 


For a detailed description of CSU GIS Specialty Center roles, see our organizational structure.