Structure & Governance


The Director for the CSU GIS Specialty Center is Dr. Jerry Davis. Dr. Davis is a Professor in the Department of Geography & Environment at San Francisco State University. He specializes in geomorphology, soils, field methods, and geographic information systems. View courses taught by Jerry Davis here. Dr. Davis was part of the team of CSU GIS faculty who negotiated and implemented the system-wide site license for GIS software with ESRI. Dr. Davis also negotiated the multi-campus contract for ERDAS IMAGINE software for remote sensing and image processing. His current research interests focus on karst and watershed geomorphic processes and using computers and GIS for field data collection and processing. 

Contact Information: 
Phone: (415) 338-2983 

Site License Administrator

The Site License Administrator reports to the GIS Specialty Center Director, and manages all software licensing and distribution, contract renewals, annual subscription renewals for CSU campuses, event planning, and contract compliance. If you have any questions about software availability, licensing, or compliance please contact Quentin Clark.

Contact Information: 
Phone: (415) 338-4160

Board Members

Each campus appoints one faculty member, staff member, or librarian to serve as a Board Member. Campuses determine independently how their campus representatives are chosen. Board Members are responsible for communicating with faculty, staff, and administration at their campus. Board Members are expected to designate site license and technical contacts for ESRI and ERDAS software products, as well as allocate training and ESRI User Conference benefits. The board member is not expected to be an advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) user themselves but must be able to communicate effectively with GIS users and technical staff across their campus. Board members are encouraged to attend the Annual Board Meeting and are eligible to serve as a CSU representative to the UCGIS symposium. 

Technical Representatives

The Technical Representative provides GIS and Remote Sensing technical support for their campus. This role varies from campus to campus. Generally, this person serves as a resource for IT and faculty/staff with questions about software installation or operation. If the Technical Representative cannot resolve the issue themselves, they should escalate the issue to the Esri Technical Support Contact or ERDAS Contact who will contact the software company’s support service.

ESRI Site License Contact

The ESRI site license contact is the primary point of contact on each CSU campus for all things related to the ESRI GIS software suite. They are also the primary administrator of the ‘MyESRI’ portal. The Site License Contact should notify interested campus departments about available GIS software, disperse software and licensing, and add additional members to their campus ‘MyESRI’ site as deemed appropriate.

ESRI Technical Support Contact

Each campus may designate up to 10 people to be 'Approved Callers' who are eligible to contact ESRI technical support directly. Please note that tech support requests that come from someone other than one of these designated contacts will not be accepted by ESRI without approval from an ESRI Technical Support Contact first. 

ERDAS Site License Contact

For campuses with an ERDAS subscription, the ERDAS Site License Contact serves as the primary contact regarding technical support and licensing for ERDAS IMAGINE software package.