Conferences, Workshops & Training


ESRI User Conference

The ESRI User Conference is held once a year in San Diego, usually for five days in July (Monday through Friday). This conference is a valuable way to learn more about the techniques and applications of GIS. Up to five complimentary tickets are available to each campus. Registrations are for the entire five days of the conference, no partial registrations are allowed. We ask board members to designate faculty and staff who wish to claim tickets before February 1st, after which we open up the remaining tickets to a waitlist.

ESRI Education Summit

The ESRI Education Conference is typically held just before and overlapping with the ESRI UC in July. Through plenary sessions, user presentations, and hands-on workshops, this conference provides learning opportunities for GIS professors and instructors. Our agreement with ESRI allows participants who have registered for the ESRI UC to also request complimentary tickets to the ESRI Education Conference.

Workshops and Training

Instructor-Led Training

These ESRI courses are usually two, three, or five days in length and are offered remotely or face-to-face at a variety of locations. You can view current Instructor-Led course offerings (under the Formats drop-down select the Instructor-Led option to view all Instructor-Led trainings).

The CSU receives 100 complimentary days per contract year (October 1 - September 30) for faculty and staff. Before May 1, we try to hold four to five days in reserve for each campus, but after May 1, we open registration on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are interested in taking an instructor-led course, please contact the CSU GIS Specialty Center Licensing Administrator at with the following:

  • Your name
  • Department
  • Contact information (Phone # and E-mail)
  • Course information (name, ID#, location, and date)

Note that there are often a number of days still available for training during the summer. Faculty may plan accordingly. Also, please note that the GIS Specialty Center does not provide travel funds to attend these training classes.

Workshops and Training

Virtual Campus

Each CSU campus has unlimited access to certain online courses through ESRI's Virtual Campus. These courses are freely available to all CSU-affiliated faculty, staff, and students. If you are connected to your respective campuses' MyESRI portal you can register for E-Learning courses via the ESRI Training Catalog linked below. If you are not connected to your campuses' MyESRI portal please contact the Technical Representative on your campus and request an invitation to join the MyESRI portal. 

Web Courses

These are interdisciplinary GIS exercises for colleges and universities that develop spatial reasoning and analysis skills. 

  • View the Web Courses (under the Formats drop-down select the Web Courses option to view all available Web Courses).