GIS Centers and Institutes

The California State University (CSU) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialty Center supports 23 CSUs that cover the geographic extent and diversity of the state. You can learn more about the GIS centers, institutes, and available software at each university by exploring the table below.

Title Website GIS Center or Institute Software Products
Bakersfield CSU Bakersfield ESRI
Cal Maritime Cal Maritime Academy Website ESRI
Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly Pomona College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Center for Geographic Information Science Research ESRI, ERDAS
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo GIS in the Library ESRI, ERDAS
Channel Islands CSU Channel Islands Environmental Science & Resource Management Program ESRI, ENVI, Trimble
Chico Chico State Website Geographical Information Center ESRI, ENVI
Dominguez Hills CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Earth Science & Geography ESRI, ERDAS
East Bay CSU East Bay Department of Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies ESRI
Fresno Fresno State Department of Geography and City and Regional Planning ESRI
Fullerton CSU Fullerton Department of Geography & the Environment GIS Research Center ESRI, ERDAS
Humboldt Humboldt State Department of Environmental Science & Management Geospatial Science at Humboldt State ESRI, ERDAS, Trimble
Long Beach Long Beach State Department of Geography ESRI, ERDAS, ENVI, Trimble
Los Angeles CSU Los Angeles Department of Geosciences and Environment ESRI
Monterey Bay CSU Monterey Bay Website Geospatial Resources ESRI, ERDAS
Northridge Department of Geography & Environmental Studies Center for Geospatial Science and Technology ESRI, ERDAS
Sacramento Sacramento State Geography Department ESRI, ERDAS
San Bernardino CSU San Bernardino Department of Geography & Environmental Studies ESRI
San Diego San Diego State Department of Geography ESRI, ERDAS, Trimble
San Francisco San Francisco State Department of Geography & Environment Institute for Geographic Information Science ESRI, ERDAS, ENVI, Trimble
San Jose San Jose State Department of Geography & Global Studies ESRI, ERDAS
San Marcos GIS at CSUSM ESRI
Sonoma Sonoma State Department of Geography and Global Studies The Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Analysis (CIGA) ESRI, ERDAS, ENVI, Trimble
Stanislaus Stanislaus State Department of Geography ESRI, ERDAS