Technical Support

Each campus has a designated technical representative who may be able to address local technical problems directly. They can help you get the software installed, attach peripherals, and solve other configuration problems.

There is a protocol to follow to obtain technical support. 

First, contact the technical representative for your campus.

Please communicate the following information about your problem to them:

  1. Your name
  2. Your department and status (faculty/staff/student)
  3. Your contact information: either a daytime phone number or email address (both are better)
  4. The computer details:
    • Software version. Please specify any service packs installed, if known.
    • Student, standalone, or concurrent use (how you access the license server)
    • What operating system (Windows 7/8/10).
    • PC or Mac
  5. A brief description of the problem including the following:
    • What you are trying to do (including what tool and/or extension you were using, what data sets you were using, how data sets were derived, and so on). Remember a little more information is better than too little.

ESRI Technical Support

Each campus may have two people authorized to contact ESRI Technical Support. No other people are authorized to contact ESRI directly. Unauthorized people attempting to contact ESRI technical support will be directed to the California State University (CSU) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialty Center.

If the authorized representatives cannot resolve the problem, then he or she will contact ESRI. If anyone other than the authorized campus representative contacts ESRI, they will be referred to the CSU GIS Specialty Center who will refer the caller to the appropriate campus representative.

Erdas and ENVI Technical Support

Each campus may have one or two people designated to contact Erdas or ENVI Technical Support.

If you haven't received assistance following the procedures listed above, then email the same information regarding your problem to the GIS Specialty Center: