Geospatial Review

The number of disciplines and California State University (CSU) campus departments using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related methods is long, including: Anthropology, Biology, Business, Marketing, MIS Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Geography, Geology, History, Journalism, Landscape Architecture, Library Science, Natural Resource Planning, Oceanography, Physics, Political Science, Public Health, Recreation & Parks, Sociology, Social Science, Statistics, Urban Planning, and Wildlife.

We're often trying to solve the same problems, which might be staffing a lab, setting up internet map access, or integrating Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS) technology into a research program. The goal of the CSU Geospatial Review is to provide a means to share ideas or discover future research collaborators on other campuses. With the wealth of disciplines contributing to the discussion, there’s tremendous potential for cross-fertilization, and a great spatially-aware future for the CSU.

The CSU Geospatial Review (ISSN 2373-5783, e-ISSN 2373-5791) is published yearly and mailed out in early May. Please submit interesting stories about appropriate projects to the GIS Specialty Center no later than December 15. You may email or provide a CD with the story content (about 750 words) and high resolution images. Submitted stories will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. Please send your submission to:

  • CSU GIS Specialty Center
  • HSS 272
  • 1600 Holloway Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA 94132

Or send an email to:

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