ENVI Tech Support

Software technical support via telephone and e-mail is available from ENVI through the designated representative on each campus listed in the table below. If a technical issue arises, the representative can submit a support incident with Harris.

Not all California State University (CSU) campuses have ENVI. You will need to contact your campus CSU Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialty Center board member to inquire about purchasing the software.

ENVI Tech Support Contact Campus e-mail phone
Dean Fairbanks Chico DHFairbanks@csuchico.edu (530) 898-5780
Dave Marshall Humboldt dave@humboldt.edu (707) 826-3957
Michael Shensky Long Beach Michael.Shensky@csulb.edu (562) 985-4977
Greg Hosilyk Long Beach Greg.Hosilyk@csulb.edu (562) 985-4572
Anna Studwell San Francisco gis@sfsu.edu (415) 338-6140
Matthew Clark Sonoma matthew.clark@sonoma.edu (707) 664 2558
Robin Marshall Sonoma robin.marshall@sonoma.edu (707) 664-2050